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Build new or upgrade existing electrical installation

Electricity is one of the biggest blessings of our era. Imagine living without it. But to fully enjoy all of its benefits, you need decent electrical system, designed for your property and your needs, well-tested and safe. Badly working electricity system can not only be a source of great frustration because of electricity breakdowns in the building or malfunctioning of the appliances, but even a real threat to your health. Therefore, you should carefully choose the electricians in London that will design, install and commission electrical system at your home. Workers from Rk Electrics are well-know from their big experience and fast work due to the highest standards. If you are thinking of doing a new build installation, upgrading existing one, rewires or even high end residential installation, we are a great choice. Remember also that all installations we perform are carried out in accordance with the 17th Edition electrical regulations and that preparing installation that guarantee safety to their users is our mission. Our vast offer includes wiring, fire and smoke alarms, security systems, smart TV and audio systems, lighting and every electrical system you will need when you start from the basis. The topic of electrical systems may seem to be complicated for laics, and the truth is — it is complicated. Therefore, it is good to hire a well experienced company, which you can trust. If you call us now at (0 208 611 2839) We can help you by giving any advice you need, explaining all the things that may seem difficult and planning. At the end you can trust us and leave us all the process of designing, installing and commissioning electrical system and have peace of mind, as we offer you a (year/two years) of guarantee.