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Planned and reactive maintenance

Electrical system in the buildings should always be kept in the best condition, as it gives the assurance of safety for the users and appliances. There is no other way to do it, then a regular testing. For the owner of property remembering about regular testing and getting enough knowledge to maintenance the electrical system, can be confusing and frustrating, and takes inadequate amount of attention and resources. It is better to leave this problem to the specialist contractors and have a peace of mind.

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Testing and Inspections

RK electrics offer a variety of testing and inspection services. We can test and inspect any type of existing electrical system and can also do certifications. Our services include fire alarm inspection and certification, emergency lighting inspection and certification, and PAT testing.

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Commercial installations

Commercial buildings such as offices, shops, and schools need special attention when it comes to electrical installations. There’s a responsibility for the management of public properties to ensure the electricals systems work well and work safely. The systems should work perfectly and should be completely safe for the users, even during breakdowns.

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PAT Testing

At RK electrics, we believe workplace safety should be of the utmost importance, and this can only be achieved by professional maintenance of electrical systems, particularly portable appliances. It’s a good idea to undertake annual PAT testing within your business.

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Emergency lighting and fire alarms

All property owners have a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure the safety of their building. For this reason, it’s important for buildings to be adequately protected from fires and system breakdowns.

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Residential installation

Electricity is one of humanities greatest inventions, but to fully enjoy its benefits you need a well-functioning, properly tested and safe electrical system.

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Security services

ONZ research shows London has one of the highest crime rates in Europe. Many people feel safe in the city, but it’s still important to have an up to date, well-functioning security system. By using the best available security system, you can rest easy knowing you’re properly protected against crime.

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Lighting control and home automations

Imagine a building that takes care of its own electrical system and controls the amount of power used by lighting. Imagine a home that can, according to the time of the amount of sunlight, regulate the brightness of its lamps. Or a home that can be controlled by the touch of a phone while you’re on your way back from work.

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Lighting design

Most people don’t realise how much lighting can affect their environment. There are certain spaces that require strong light such as workspaces, kitchens, and bathrooms.

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RK Electric 2004 Limited offers a variety of different services, including both domestic and commercial needs. We provide reasonable prices and flexibles times, as well as a highly skilled team of electrical engineers. This has established us as one of the best London-based contractors.

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