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Ensure safety in your building

All property owners have a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure the safety of their building. For this reason, it’s important for buildings to be adequately protected from fires and system breakdowns. Routine testing is not always enough, so property owners need to install properly working fire alarms and emergency lighting. Fire alarms are important in notifying people of a fire, and emergency lighting helps illuminate dark buildings to avoid panic during an evacuation. At RK Electrics 2004 Limited, we are fond of innovative design, which has been the cornerstone of our business for many years. Our mission is to help property owners create a safe space to reduce the chance of accidents. This is what we strive to do for all our customers. Not only do we design and install emergency systems, but we also inspect existing ones to evaluate their efficiency. We realise that without regular testing, emergency systems can be useless. Emergency lighting batteries should be tested every month, with a 3-hour test undertaken every year. Also, all components of a fire alarm system should be inspected every 6 months. This includes the inspection of smoke alarms, heat detectors, break glass call points, bell sounders and fire extinguishers. To ensure the health and safety of customers and clients, you should never underestimate the significance of regular testing. If you’re interested in improving the safety of your property, please call us at 02089979498 and we would be happy to answer any questions.