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Electric Installations in Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings such as offices, shops, and schools need special attention when it comes to electrical installations. There’s a responsibility for the management of public properties to ensure the electricals systems work well and work safely. The systems should work perfectly and should be completely safe for the users, even during breakdowns. Commercial installations should always be done by experienced electricians who have the knowledge and know-how to get the job done right. At RK, we only hire the best electrical engineers, so our installations are always completed to the highest standard. We can ensure our customer’s safety and can guarantee reliability for any work completed by our team. We can guide you through the entire process – From planning and design to installation and commissioning. We specialise in commercial installation, including installations for offices, shops, and schools. We also provide testing, inspections, and refurbishments of existing systems. You can also rely on our electrical system maintenance program to ensure your safety and the safety of your customers and employees. RK Electrics provide wide range of electrical services including wiring, lighting, emergency lighting, exterior lighting, fire alarms, heating systems, security systems, but also all kind of testing, inspections, fault-finding, and repairs.